Skydive Delmarva

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Skydive Delmarva

Each Skydive Delmarva Deal is a Tandem Skydive + Video & Stills package!

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A Tandem Skydive is the fastest and easiest way for you to make your first skydive. Tandem Skydiving utilizes a dual harness parachute. The tandem instructor wears the parachute and the student is connected to the instructor. You exit the aircraft from around 13,500 feet and are guided during the entire jump by the tandem instructor.

After 10-20 minutes of getting your gear on and instruction on how to exit the aircraft and the best body position for freefall you will make your way to the plane. You'll get about a 20 minute plane ride over the scenic Delmarva Peninsula. When the plane gets to exit altitude you and your instructor will exit the plane and freefall for about 60 seconds. If you decide to get video and pictures your videographer will be with you the whole time. Your parachute will be deployed around 6000 feet and you'll have about a 5 minute parachute ride.

We are located in Laurel, DE, about a two hour drive from Baltimore, Washington DC and the suburbs of Maryland and Virginia.

Maximum Weight For Tandem Students Is 240 Pounds

Making It More Than Just a Memory!

As you exit the plane our cameraflyer is right there with you in freefall, offering an amazing insight and visual experience into the world of skydiving! An experience you can share with your family and friends through your video and photographs.

YOU WILL NEVER MAKE YOUR FIRST SKYDIVE AGAIN! Do not miss this amazing opportunity to record your adventure!

The Video Package Contains an MTV style video production of your skydive from exit to opening, shown in real time. A second showing, digitally edited and enhanced with special effects and selected still frame shots. Additional footage may include the aircraft, takeoff, canopy shots and landings amongst other phases of the experience. The whole production is set to a stereo sound track for your enhanced enjoyment.

Photographs are taken at special moments during your skydive. Having both the video and the still photographs allows you to relive the thrill of your skydiving adventure, wherever you may be!

Skydive Delmarva - Delaware Skydiving Center

  • Skydive Delmarva uses an 18 passenger Twin Otter aircraft. That makes us the only dropzone in Maryland or Delaware that can take more than two people skydiving at a time -- we can take as many as seven together!
  • We are the only dropzone in MD or DE to fly above 12,000 feet for regular price -- we go to 13,500 for a longer free fall. Other area dropzones either won't go that high or will charge much more.
  • We are the only dropzone in MD or DE to offer both tandem skydiving and the
    Accelerated Freefall (AFF) program.
  • We have professional videographers on staff who will jump with you to get the most amazing shots if you purchase our Video & Picture package. Beware of other dropzones that offer a "hand cam" video or picture package where your instructor will be taking all the pictures at arm's length.
  • Learn all the other reasons you should make your skydive with us.

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  • No cash value.

  • Max weight limit of 240 lbs.

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    Skydive Delmarva
    32524 Aero Drive
    Laurel, Delaware 19956
    Phone: 888-875-3540

    Map: Click here for map